Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Game vs WKSC

Sept. 15th, 2019 | Westford, MA

The Lady Gunners came into their second game of the season with confidence, gained from their season opener.  Quickly, this group found out how fragile confidence can be.  From the start, they were pinned down by endless attacks, without any real response to neutralize this. 

First half- Defensive Side
The Lady Gunners could hardly sustain the offensive pressure WKSC brought consistently throughout the game.  Their opponent generated numerous shots, most saved by the our keeper, and gave the Lady Gunners plenty of defensive work.

First half- Offensive Side
Gunners had very few opportunities to connect passes, which is their strength.  The triangular combination in midfield was non-existent today.  WKSC simply did not allow our midfielders any time or space on the ball. With such pressure, no momentum was built; tough all around.   

Half Time Adjustments
With many questions to ask, few answers to offer, we identified one factor that could possibly help the Gunners improve; connect passes through the midfield. The few times executed, it brought some glimpse of hope, but short lived as WKSC really would not allow it. 

Second Half
WKSC had the skilled players, physical ability, and the numbers to sustain their dominance. Quite frankly, WKSC executed their game plan well,  and outplayed the opposition. Lady Gunners happen to be at the unfavorable end, but sometimes one must give credit where it's due. Though the Gunners kept the score close at 1-0 at the half, the final score was 4-0.  

Final Result
One thing we can always count on with the Lady Gunners is their effort; they never leave the field without giving all they have.  Honestly today, it was tough to identify that, but later found out many players had nagging injuries.  True to their character, nobody made excuses, but simply played through it. The plan now is to get healthy, have a great session Friday, and be ready to battle on Sunday!

Players of the Match
A week earlier, the Lady Gunners showed their potential; this week they were exposed. Both games present opportunities to learn, grow, and compete without making excuses.  The two standouts representing such characteristic were Aurore and Alyssa.  Both kept their side in the game, without their effort could have been a slaughter very early on.

Aurore: great job on your countless saves. 
Alyssa: excellent work leading the back, making goal saving defensive plays all game.

Congrats to you both on a well deserved Players of the Match Award!!

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