Monday, April 15, 2019

Game vs Medfield

Sunday April 7, 2019
Medfield, MA

With a training session squeezed in on Friday, three of our missing starters back for today's match, hopes were running high for better results by the Lady Gunners. 

The pre-game warm up had the right level of intensity, which usually translates into a strong start. Unfortunately, the Lady Gunners started out flat. The deficit was at 2-0 early, before they stepped up to compete. It's tough to figure out why the Lady Gunners don't come out swinging. 

Once this group gathered themselves, the level of play rose; they created a great goal to make the score 3-1 before the half. One of the few times we were able to get the ball wide, Gianna got it behind the defense for a great shot, which Gabby slotted in the rebound beautifully.

Medfield being a talented side, with formidable attacking players, stepped up their game early in the second half. Most of their offensive success came from individual players with speed and technical ability. Lots of credit must go to their team, who took a commanding 7-1 win at the end.

Players of the Match
The midfield position was tough to cover, and generate offense from. In the first half, Avery took charge pressuring the ball well. In the second half, Lydia made her presence felt in the center of the park while controlling things well, and successfully playing the ball wide to launch our offense.

Congrats Avery & Lydia for a phenomenal performances, against a tough opponent!!!

Next Game @ Wellesley United
Sunday Apr 28, 10:15am.

No Game April 21st.
Happy Easter!!

Next Practice Sessions 
Tue & Friday @ 6-7:30pm
Krashes upper field

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Game vs Marshfield United

Sunday April 7, 2019
Marshfield, MA

Our season opener proved to be challenging for reasons unrelated to the opponent.  Our personnel took a major hit missing Gabby, Alyssa, Aurore for starters. Additionally, Maddie had a stomach issue, and Avery played on a sprained ankle without substitutes to give her a break.

Our team made no excuses, and never quit. Bailey and Lydia took turns in goal, others filled in spots that were unfamiliar, while still finding ways to possess the ball as much as possible.

Our new Gunners did great adjusting to the challenges.  Ryan found a way to score a goal, Mollie kept her defensive duties sharp, and Andrea's relentless work rate added a much needed boost in midfield.

Marshfield took full advantage of the wounded Lady Gunners team, scoring at every opportunity for a final count of 7-1 in their favor. One can't help but wonder what the outcome would be with a full Gunners Squad.

Players of the Match:
Mollie, Ryan, Andrea all made a significant contributions to a new team they are still in the process of getting familiar with. The effort, hard work, desire to succeed was a great sign for this unit, who has yet to train outdoors.

Welcome aboard; you have limitless potential. We are happy you are a Lady Gunners!!!

Next Game @ Medfield
Sunday Apr 14, 10:15am.

Next Practice Session TBD
Outdoor Fields currently closed.

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