Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Lady Gunners v. SC Scorpions


September 26, 2021 | Medway, MA

Another beautiful day with an opportunity to execute the hard work done in training all week.  The sessions were demanding physically, mentally, and tactically.  The Ladies responded well to those challenges, which reflected during their performance today.
Scorpions possessed great quality of their own, demonstrated the ability to match up well against the Gunners.  However, as the game went on, the Lady Gunners imposed their dominance,  controlling most facets of the game, from defensive shutdowns of attacks, to consistent possession in the midfield.  At the half, the Gunners took a 1-0 lead into the break.  
2nd Half- Final Result
At halftime, the Gunners camp addressed the following concerns: 1- plugging the hole vacated on the left back position; 2- maintaining the defensive shape in the middle of the park; 3- be more clinical finishing scoring opportunities. 
At first, it seemed as if the adjustments discussed were not working, as the Scorpions had long stretches of possession in the Gunners defensive 3rd.  Once again, the Lady Gunners displayed resilience, patience, and eventually turned things in their favor. Once they regained control, there was no turning back. With a 3-0  final score,  it was a deserving win against a strong opponent. 

Players of the Match
This performance demanded more out of players, due to injuries, and the absence of our starting striker, Ryan.  Our outstanding performers were:  Lydia- tireless play in midfield, disrupted opponent attacks through anticipation and controlled ball distribution.  Lexi- scored 2 goals, generated from her hustle play, and assisted one to Gabby.    

Congrats to you both on a well-deserved Players of the Match Award!!

Unfortunate Injury
Injuries are an unfortunate part of athletics, we know they happen, but hope they never come.  Lexa B. fell, after a coming together in the midfield,  later discovered she broke a forearm bone
We wish Lexa a speedy recovery, and will miss her tenacity on the pitch during her absence. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Lady Gunners v. MA RUSH


September 19, 2021 | Princeton, MA

Coming off a sound week of training, with all players committed to attending sessions, the Lady Gunners were well prepared to face  a strong side in MA RUSH.  The Gunners began the game with a commanding control of midfield, creating glorious scoring chances early on. 
MA RUSH did a great job sustaining the attacking pressure.  The Ladies Gunners stuck to their guns, moving the ball well, using width to exploit their opponent from the center of the park.  Eventually, the offensive pressure paid off for the Gunners, who took a 1-0 lead into the half
2nd Half- Final Result
At halftime, the Gunners discussed being clinical finishing inside the opponent's box. Though numerous chances were created, few were actually converted, because shots were struck directly to the keeper's hands.  The adjustment needed was to slot the ball low to the corners, away from the goalie. 

The second half actually composed of resilience from MA RUSH, who actually had long spells of midfield control. Once the Gunners adjusted their shape in the middle of the park, they regained dominance.  In the end, the Lady Gunners closed out the game with a 2-0 win, against a strong team! 
Players of the Match
Though it was complete team effort, there were a couple of players who really had a great outing this afternoon.  First was Gabby, who executed the adjustment of slotting the ball into the corners, for a beautiful game winner. The other was Bailey, who had a stellar performance defensively, shutting down players on the left side of defense.  
Congrats to you both on a well-deserved Players of the Match Award!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Lady Gunners v NEFC West


September 12, 2021 | Westfield, MA

Season Opener
The Lady Gunners had a great tournament in preparation for the season opener. Any part of their performance carried over into their first game would breed success.  A beautiful, sunny, warm Sunday afternoon was a perfect setting to kick this season off to a great start!
The Gunners started the game possessing the ball well. The midfield combined consistently to sustain control. Wide play was executed, with constant reminders for winger to extend their position to the sidelines while in possession. 
NEFC was a strong side with dangerous players of their own. With tight pressure on their creative players, the Gunners were able to minimize threatening attacks.  At the half, the Lady Gunners held a commanding 1-0 lead. 
2nd Half- Final Result
At halftime, the team discussion was about being more clinical finishing chances, especially in the box.  There were at least two shots taken by the Gunners inside the box, struck directly at the keeper's hands.  A slotted pass, low to the corners, would have done the job. 

As the second developed, the heat factor actually affected the Gunners' team chemistry in midfield. The disconnect in the middle, actually gave NEFC some momentum, but not enough to create fatal chances.  In the end, the Lady Gunners did hang onto the 1-0 win. 
Players of the Match
Lady Gunners dominated the first half, and walked away with a win. Sometimes, it requires grinding out your way to the desired results, which is what they did in the second half. 

All players did their part, many had great spurts of brilliant play.  The two outstanding performers were Alexis, (scored from a free-kick) and Lilly (controlled the middle of the park defensively).  Both were instrumental in the team dominating performance, as well as the important goal to record a win for the effort.

Congrats to you both on a well-deserved Players of the Match Award!!

Monday, September 13, 2021

Labor Day Tournament 2021


Sept. 4, 2021 | Devens, MA

Day 1- Game v Juventus Academy
Lady Gunners started off the game slowly with limited control in the middle of the park.  Though possession was prevalent at times, the consistency clearly was not present long enough. 
After a brief discussion at the half regarding the importance of improving ball movement, the Lady Gunners turned the game into their favor.  In the end, they were surgical with passing, clinical with finishing, and classy about Not Running the Score, without the coaching staff's intervention.  7-2 final score was a convincing win, and solid start of the tournament. Outstanding Performers were Alyssa and Hope for their solid defensive play. 

Day 1- Game v Westford Knights
Another shocking start against a team the Gunners very well. The Lady Gunners were down 1-0 early on. Though resilient, and never panicking, this is becoming a dangerous habit.  Focus became a must, as the Westford Knight grew more confident as the game progressed.

Second half begun with more of the same, to the point where the Gunners found themselves in a 3-0 deficit. True to the Lady Gunners' character, they scored a goal to give themselves life, and may save face.  Momentum started swinging, when they made the score a 3-2. With just under 10 minutes, the Lady Gunners found the equalizer to make it a 3-3 final.  It was a remarkable, exciting comeback! Outstanding Performers were Emma on defense and Ryan for their scoring. 

Day 2- Game v N.E. Turf
The Lady Gunners were facing a formidable opponent. They were organized defensively, pressured ball well, possessed consistently, and had a clinical player up top that finished chances. It was awesome to see another team challenge the Gunners in such a manner. 
At the half, the adjustment necessary was better ball pressure, and improve possession again. The execution of these plans proved the point that most teams panic under pressure. In the end, it was a 2-0 lost, deserving of the Turf who took their chances well.  Outstanding Performers were Aubrey and Lilly; taking care of business on both sides of the ball.  

Day 2- Final v N.E. Turf
The challenge was set for the Gunners to figure out how to close the gap against a team they played well in the first game.  The game plan involved ball pressure, possession, and limiting touches from Turf's dangerous forward. Turf came out, took a very early lead. They were once again clinical at finishing their chances. By halftime, they were up 3-0.  
Strangely, watching the game from the sidelines, one would think the score line was much closer. In fact, the Lady seemed hungry, while the Turf wanted nothing to do with closing out the game. In the end, the Turf deservingly won 4-1. Outstanding performers were Gabby and Lydia for their relentless work on all over the field.
Congrats to the entire Lady Gunners team for an outstanding tournament. 

Lady Gunners v. RI Surf 5/22/22

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