Saturday, May 12, 2018

Merrimack Valley SC Game Recap (Coach's Perspective)

Game vs Merrimack Valley SC (Coach’s Perspective)

Sunday April 22, 2018
Andover, MA (Greater Lawrence Tech)

The Lady Gunners had to travel up to the North Shore this morning to play their second game of the season. Lots of factors in play for this game, most notably the possibility of playing a player short due to  families still away during the school vacation week. With sacrifices made, the team managed to have just enough, but no subs. No excuses, besides it’s always exciting to get out there to compete, so game on!

The game started off evenly, with both teams taking turns at dominating play. Towards the end of the first half, the Lady Gunners got away from their strength, which is controlled passing. This proved to be dangerous, as the momentum shifted in Merrimack’s favor. At halftime, we discussed going back to focus on splits, movement off the ball, in order to improve possession and  better manage play.

The second half turned out to be more of a toughness battle, hard hustle, and strong play from all players. Merrimack managed to break through for the only goal of the match. Lady Gunners responded well with moments of brilliance, with various players taking turns. Avery had strong minutes in midfield combining well with Gabrielle and Maddie. In the back, Aurora was phenomenal in goal all game. Maria filled in center to gives us a boost in that spot. Alyssa and Sophia M. held the right side of the field on lock down. Their counterpart on the opposite side, Lydia and Sophia R., matched that effort with many of strung passes and attacks of their own.

At the end, the Lady Gunners simply could not manage to score their first goal of the season. Another close match, with a respectable team performance. The ladies never had a moment when they demonstrated any signs of giving up. That is a great trait of character to build on.  As for specific areas of improvement needed, the priority is in attacking 3rd, where forwards and midfielders will need to coordinate better when transitioning from defense to offense. It all happens in training, so be sure to attend!!!

See you at practice.

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