Monday, May 16, 2022

Lady Gunners v. Scorpions Metro 5/15/22

Sunday May 15th, 2022 | Medway, MA

Another warm day game on turf, with several key players missing for a variety of reasons, means no subs, and the group gathered would have to pick up the slack.  Things such as life happen, therefore we must learn to adjust, carry forward, and conquer. 
1st Half
Alright, the last time this scenario presented itself, where the Lady Gunners had to perform on a drastically warm day on turf, a loss was the result.  However, today's performance proved the maturity this group has acquired from that experience. The possession game was prevalent, the triangle in the center dictated the pace, which gave the Gunners the ability to control the tempo; 0-0 at the break. 

Half-Time Adjustments
The only time the Ladies had difficulties, was when they got away from possession. Otherwise, things were kept under control. Therefore, the adjustment was clear; spend all energy keeping possession of the ball. 

2nd Half- Final Result
The game plan was executed well, and the Lady Gunners kept a high percentage of the ball. This strategy helps limit the Scorpion's ability to establish a rhythm on offense, build momentum or build confidence. Without subs, it certainly kept the Lady Gunners from consistent defensive duties, which can be exhausted mentally and of course physically. A 0-0 final was actually a fair result. 

Player of the Match
Gabby- For the second game in a row, Gabby was a bright spot for her team. Posing as a constant offensive threat to the opponent's defense, she was a handful this game. Although she did not convert her chances, she was constantly outstanding in her movement, sharp turns on defenders, and her progression towards the goal!  

Alyssa- the strong-quiet leader was back in the center of defense, and her presence provided depth, stability, and balance in front of the Gunners' goal. Without saying much, she covered well by reading the game intelligently; sensing the danger before it happened. Once Alyssa wins the ball, she has developed the ability to distribute out of the back with poise and vision. Nice to have her back! 

Congrats Gabby & Alyssa on a well-deserved Players of the Match Award!!


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