Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Lady Gunners v. Scorpions Central


Sunday May 8th, 2022 | Princeton, MA

Today's game really needed to be a rebound game for the Gunners, who had a rough spell the previous with their performance. With a few more players returning, and a sound week of training, the focus has been injected back into the group. The performance is expected to reflect this. 

1st Half
From the start of the game, the Lady Gunners played with the purpose to control ball movement, being patient, and taking opportunities as they present themselves. Though this was encouraging, there were still tendencies to rush things in the final offensive 3rd. At the half, the Lady Gunners had 2-1 lead.  

Half-Time Adjustments
The most concerning challenges involved the patience that had to be executed around the Scorpion's box. Having such patience not only produce more scoring opportunities but also allows you to keep the ball longer, far away from your own goal. 

2nd Half- Final Result
With a great level of maturity, the Lady Gunners displayed their ability to improve their performance.  In the final offensive 3rd, they were definitely more patient and allowed plays to develop with more fluidity. As expected, more chances to score presented themselves, and the Ladies converted enough for a 4-1 final score.

Player of the Match
Gabby- had a phenomenal match overall. Her first touch was sharp, her ability to turn on defenders on a dime was excellent, decision making to either pass or take players on hard to defend. By far, Gabby was the most dominant, influential player on the pitch! 

Lydia- perfected the role of defensive mid. Scorpion's most dangerous player always needed to be double-teamed, which Lydia provided with great anticipation.  Furthermore, she consistently launched transitions to the offense with poise on the ball, sound decisions, and stability out of the defensive end. 

Congrats Gabby & Lydia on a well-deserved Players of the Match Award!!

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