Saturday, October 31, 2020

Lady Gunners v Legacy Pride


Oct. 18th, 2020 | Tauton, MA

Search for Win 
Lady Gunners have not won a game in weeks! Their search for victory has become a major challenge. It is not for a lack of training, effort, or commitment. The answer is not clear, but if one factor had to be pointed out, it's scoring goals! 
Legacy Pride is a scrappy team, that does not build much out of the back or midfield. Their approach is to hustle, hopefully, shoot their way to success. Unfortunately, the Lady Gunners gave into their style of play. 
First Half Struggle
Without any passing sequences in midfield, no team build-up, the Lady Gunners looked lost. They got away from their strength, which makes it difficult to be productive. Consequently, they never got a grip on the game, finding themselves down 2-0.
Half - Time Adjustments
Lady Gunners' issues were simply offensive today. Playing  9 v 9 makes it tough with 17 players in terms of game flow, and may have contributed to their struggles. However, the lack of quality shots taken on goal clearly made it impossible to level the score.
Second Half
The second simply was a repeat of the first! In fact, it was identical, with sporadic offensive flashes from Gabby. With such limited threat in the offensive third, the opportunity to come back from the deficit came and went.

Final Result
The final result was a 4-0 loss.  Legacy Pride won from their stronger desire, and will to beat their opponent to every ball! On the other hand, the Lady Gunners have to figure out how to be more aggressive, while finding their scoring form.
Players of the Match
With so many defensive duties, today's outstanding performers were busy saving their side from a blowout today. Without the offense producing, the game becomes imbalanced, especially if the opponent does pose a threat to your goal.
Aurore: with countless shots taken on her, an improved Aurore continued to keep her team in it with quality saves, aggressive play, especially in the second half!  Often times her efforts go unnoticed, because her mistakes may result in a goal. But clearly, she kept the score close today.
Bailey: The only true bright spot for all the field players from the start was Bailey today.  Her smart play to cover her keeper, clear a goal off the line, exemplified her performance.  She consistently disrupted anything threats from her side, with aggressive strong play!

Congrats to you both on a well-deserved Players of the Match Award!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Lady Gunners vs. Wellesley United


Oct. 4th, 2020 | Princeton, MA

Tough Challenge 
Wellesley United is in town, bringing a tough challenge to the Lady Gunners. This is most likely the best team in the league. With a decent week of preparation for the Gunners, they should do well...
Family Support
Before the opening whistle, a Special Moment of Silence in Memory of Alexi's Grandmother, Coach Joe Mercier's Mother-in-Law recent passing, was Observed. Our team is an extension of Mercier's Family. We support them during this difficult time! 
Wellesley struck early with a quick goal coming right down the center of defense.  The concern about it was the Lady Gunners' body language. Heads were down, shock was the reaction, uncharacteristic of this group. At the half, it was a 2-0 deficit...still close enough to make a run! 
Half - Time Adjustments
Honestly speaking, Wellesley had one major advantage tough to neutralize, SPEED! They consistently got the ball wide, took us on at speed, generated crosses, and scoring opportunities. Our goal was to slow them down, cut angles, and deny crosses.
Second Half
Less than five minutes into the second, the Lady Gunners gave up the 3rd goal. Bad timing because a 2-1 score would change the game dynamics. The Gunners showed resiliency by scoring to make it 3-1. Minutes later had an opportunity to close the gap from a penalty, but it was not converted. A golden opportunity gone! 

Final Result
The final result was a 5-1 loss.  Wellesley's #4 completely controlled their attacks. Quick on the dribble, clinical at finishing, and providing glorious crosses for her teammate to finish. They were well-balanced, deserving of a win for sure. A measuring stick for the Gunners to stride for!
Players of the Match
The most impressive factor about the Lady Gunners is the 'Never-Give-Up' attitude. Although outmatched by Wellesley's team speed, they kept fighting to keep the match close all the way to the end. 
Alyssa: with countless attacks coming from both sides of the field, Alyssa had plenty to disrupt, prevent, and defend! By far the most consistent shield for her team, covering all over the park for her teammates. It's a thankless job, without stats, but one worthy of recognition today!
Maddie: showing her ability to control the middle, for the first time this season, Maddie demonstrated her ability to generate offense with swift skills out of the middle! On a day where most of the time was spent defending, it was truly a valuable contribution on the offensive side.

Congrats to you both on a well-deserved Players of the Match Award!!

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