Monday, September 9, 2019

Gunners vs CSP United_ Season Opener Fall 2019

Sept. 8th, 2019 | Cumberland, RI

The Lady Gunners opened their season this Sunday vs. CSP United, a very talented, physical team.  A few factors to point out: Gunners had no subs,  outclassed by size significantly, outnumbered, and a forward doubtful about playing (just getting over a stomach bug).  Most important factor: Lady Gunners never make excuses;  just guts, determination, and shear desire to succeed! 
First half- Defensive Side
With new players added this season, it's always difficult to determine how chemistry will develop. We did not have long to wait.  Defensively, the Gunners were sound. Everyone recovered quickly behind the ball when possession was lost, and sprung forward as a unit on offensive transition.
First half- Offensive Side
Gunners were potent offensively, showing flashes of brilliance at times, and possession with purpose.  Midfielders exploited wing play consistently, slicing thru midfield with accurate passes, creating numerous scoring opportunities; it was an enjoyable display of skilled passing to watch.  

Offensive Results
Gunners used  passing combination to their advantage the entire game. None better than the one when they switched the point of attack to the weak side, immediately combined back through middle with a one touch return pass. The ball was then crossed, creating a perfect opportunity deep in the box for Gabby to slot home a great shot for a 1-0 lead.
Half Time Adjustments
We simply asked the Lady Gunners to keep playing with the same intelligence, intensity, and sharpness. Only caution: slow down the game tempo, in consideration for potential fatigue towards the end, (playing without subs). 
Second Half
Physical play was blatant at times, though the Gunners were clearly at a disadvantage due to size, being younger, there was no sign of backing down. The officiating was consistent for both sides, therefore it was fair play.  CSP United equalized from a rebound created by a corner kick. A late penalty given gave CSP a 2-1 win.
Players of the Match
What they lacked in man power, size, they made up for it with heart, determination, and skilled play. The team chemistry displayed, toughest to carry through a physical battle, and great team character won the entire squad the Players of Match Award.

Congrats on a stella performance Ladies!

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