Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Game vs MAF Sharks

Sept. 22nd, 2019 | Canton, MA

The Lady Gunners back in action on a sunny Sunday afternoon, excited to compete, explore the opportunity to bounce back from a tough game the previous week.  Friday's training session was a success where the team worked on defensive shape, transition to offense, with a focus on possession. An added bonus; Molly returned for the first time this season!

First half- Defensive Side
A sound display of defensive shape; not perfect, but effective from the Lady Gunners. The Sharks were sending long balls, which proved troubling at first. Once adjusted, the dangerous attacks were neutralized.

First half- Offensive Side
Gunners found their possession game early in the first half. By far, a much improved performance from their previous game, consistently connecting passes in the midfield; clearly a contrast from their opponent.  0-0 at the half; an even match up thus far. 

Half Time Adjustments
The possession was a bright spot, therefore encouraged to continue executing combination plays.  The challenge? Lack of scoring opportunities created: shot, crosses, fouls in the offensive were non existent for the Gunners. Our objectives was to create more chances in their end.

Second Half
Sharks came out aggressive offensively in the second half.  Gunners responded well enough to sustain; they are a resilient bunch. An unexpected down fall was the Lady Gunners' inability to cross midfield on Goal Kicks! Surprising, but clearly an advantage for the Sharks, who pushed a high line, won most of the kicks, went straight to goal every opportunity given. 

Final Result
Sharks broke the deadlock on a shot created from a corner kick. Their second goal hit our defender's back, went into the net; an unfortunate one. With seconds left, they managed a third for a 3-0 final. Lady Gunners played a competitive game, the score does not reflect that, but they lacked offensive potency in the final third. Our training session this week surely will address it. As usual this resilient bunch will respond well.
Players of the Match
Honorable mention was a solid defensive line, especially with Molly's return, stabilizing it with calm skills once in possession of the ball.  However, the outstanding players were on the offensive side. The two players  who consistently created sound offensive plays were Maddie & Ryan.
Ryan: excellent playing with her back to goal, controlling the ball well on her first touch, before deciding on her options.
Maddie: great composure on the ball, with sound vision to feed the ball into splits, space, finding the open player. 

Congrats to you both on a well deserved Players of the Match Award!!

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