Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Lady Gunners vs. Medfield Warriors


Sept. 27th, 2020 | Medfield, MA

Early Morning Game
Games played early, 9am this week, can be concerning for teams with young players who may not be morning people!  All showed up ready to compete with spirits high. How will they perform? 
The Lady Gunners started slowly because they allowed an early goal, from a corner kick slotted home by a center midfield cutting through the box.  Soon after, another goal was conceded scored by the same player who clearly was alert, ahead of everyone in her quick playability. 
Half - Time Adjustments
At the half, the Gunners discussed one thing defensively; #3 center midfield who ran everything offensively for the Warriors, including scoring their goals.  Secondly, Medfield did not have a true goalkeeper, therefore should be tested more often. 
Second Half - Execution
The plan was to shut down #3, take more shots on net...simple! Part of that plan was executed with the Lady Gunners taking more shots on the keeper for sure. However, the defensive duties were not delivered as a team. Double-Tripple Team #3 would have sealed the deal...

Final Result
In the end, it was a 6-3 loss.  Their playmaker #3 hit the net four times. Aside from her phenomenal free-kick, she should have been limited to two goals. A shootout evidently, with the Lady Gunners producing three goals of their own. Defensive Work this week seems imminent.
Players of the Match
There were two players who definitely stepped up their game, deserving of honorable mentions. Hope: absolutely came to life on the left-wing, controlling attacks, staying wide, crossing, and taking shots, scored on a great strike. Courtney was a positive presence up front, with great energy, movement off the ball, chasing down players to pressure, doing a great job overall. However, two others were outstanding in midfield.

Avery: has been consistently improving, dominating opponents, and putting her stamp on games all season. Today was no different, it was significant because it neutralized Medfield's midfield potency.  Her body of work on both sides of the ball was outstanding!

Aubrey: assigned the major task of defending the dangerous playmaker today, helped keep her team relevant, prevented a blowout. She closed down quickly, played tough when necessary, and launched attacks. Her execution was pivotal for her team! 

Congrats to you both on a well-deserved Players of the Match Award!!

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