Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Game vs Medfield Warriors

Oct. 6, 2019 | Princenton, MA

At home once more for another battle! Our focus in training this week: finding ways to score goals! The Lady Gunners have done well possessing up to opponents' 18 yard line, without finding the net. Will they actually accomplish this today? Let's get into it!

First half
From the first whistle, the Lady Gunners had a strong sense of determination to accomplish their goals. The intensity to pressure ball was more vigorous than usual. Offensively, our triangular connection linked up well with the lone striker to create a formidable diamond. With all angles working the ball well, the Lady Gunners found a way to score twice, taking a 2-1 lead at the break. 

Half Time Adjustments
The main point at the half was obvious; scoring twice in one half was the long awaited breakthrough moment. It helped them realize they are capable. However,  the job was only half done, since there was a second period left to compete. Encouraged to repeat the performance, off they went back to finish!

Second Half
Warriors were awakened by this first half deficit, decided to throw everything at the Gunners. As usual, the Lady Gunners fought back, resisted as much offensive pressure possible. The resistance wasn't sustainable to keep their opposition at bay. 

 Final Result
At the end,  a 6-2 loss puzzled the group; how this could have happened? The answer is, once the flood gates opened, our squad couldn't contain it. The Gunners conceded too many goals without responding with scores of their own.  Another tough loss with positive take aways! 

Players of the Match
As usual, there are several options to choose from. It's a great problem to face in deciding our top performer. Our team's identify is: resilient fighters, refusing to ever give up regardless of the circumstances.  But this match, Gabby and Mollie were exceptional.

Gabby:  extra energetic, though we didn't think it's scientifically possible.  She used that energy to charge her team into a will to achieve. Especially in the second half, when they seem deflated. Scoring the first goal to get her squad moving in the right direction, controlling midfield play, and finishing strong,  it was an electrifying performance!

Molly: stabilized the defensive unit with her intelligent anticipation, poised ball control, sound decisions to launch offensive transitions. During her short break, major gaps were left unattended in defense. Not enough could be said about her value; we are fortunate she's back on the squad! 

Congrats to you both on a well deserved Players of the Match Award!!

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